Stryker Scuba expeditions in search of sunken ships:

S. S. Onnalinda - Canandaigua Lake, NY

Using the latest GPS satellite positioning equipment, Stryker Scuba has mounted several exploratory dives to locate the Onnalinda. This steamship was used to ferry up to 1000 passengers up and down Canandaigua Lake, from Naples to Bristol Harbor and Canandaigua. With the advent of the automobile, it fell upon hard times and was later used to carry sheep and other cargo. It was finally scuttle near the northern end of the Lake (see map).

We've documented its exact position on our GPS and dived many times on the wreck. Due to the work of Tyler Somes, Zachary Floss, Preston Pierce and Gerald Stryker, videos and still photos have been taken of the underwater skeleton.

Original photos of the side-wheeler Onnalinda.

Location and Underwater Skeleton of the Onnalinda


Aqua-Ree 2004 with the Boys Scouts of America - Webster Aquatic Center

To let the Scouts discover the thrill and adventure of Scuba diving, Stryker Scuba sponsored Aqua-Ree 2004. About 200 Scouts had the opportunity to learn and experience Scuba diving. They also had a chance to listen to NASA's Brent Fergurson and view astronauts working underwater in the Johnson Space Center's diving tank and living underwater in Aquarius.

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Stryker Scuba Adventures,
NASA Johnson Space Ctr.,
Eagle District, BSA

Astronaut / Aquanaut! Featuring
Brent Fergurson, NASA

Sept. 24 and 25, 2004
Webster H. S. and Aquatic Center

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