Gerry Stryker is a PADI certified Master Scuba Diver instructor who teaches Scuba diving at Monroe County high school pools. Courses are given at the Webster Aquatic Center, Brighton H. S. pool, Pittsford Sutherland and Middle School, and Honeoye Falls - Lima.

Stryker Scuba's Current PADI Courses

BASIC OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION - Class cost $525, One-on-one cost $795:

PADI Open Water Certification Course
Pool or Open Water Sessions
Academic Material - Live Class or e-Learning
4 Pool Sessions - 2-Hours each.
One Live Classroom Session - 2-Hours,
4 Open Water Sessions - 1-Hour each.
or PADI e-Learning - Learn at your leisure.
3-8 Persons per Class
CALL GERRY - 585-303-4593

PADI eLearning

Scuba Diving Equipment and Extras
Student Mask, snorkel, boots and fins. Gloves and hoods are recommended for cold water diving.
Stryker Scuba BC (buoyancy controller), regulator, weights, wet suit (for open water), and compressed air tank for each student's use during the course.

Study materials (textbook, recreational dive wheel) are provided and visual material (DVD/Video) are loaned. Dive logs are included.

Make-Up Classes $95./student/class.
The Fun and Challenge of Learning Scuba Diving
Doing dive logs and preparing for exam at Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks.

Gerry's first Open Water Certifications, Yen (l) and Ed (r) at Canandaigua Lake.

Scuba diving is a physical activity, and can be strenuous at times. Therefore, in order to participate, a person must maintain a reasonable level of health and fitness. Additionlly, there are certain medical issues which must be considered. This is the basis of the PADI Medical Statement, which must be completed before doing any diving (click below). A link is provided to the PADI Form, so that you may read it, and if necessary, have your physician sign it, before you begin your training with Stryker Scuba Adventures.


Course Cost Description
Scuba Tune-up
Designed for the certified diver who has not been in the water for 1yr. It reviews basic underwater techniques and safety.
Open Water Referral
This program allows you to complete your certification with open water dives at a different location from pool dives. You will need a letter of referral from the originating instructor.
National Geographic Diver
This is an entry level course. Like the PADI Basic Open Water Cert., this course provides with the skills and techniques for safe diving plus additional academic training. It takes 6 open water training dives.
Advanced Open Water
For certified scuba divers who want to further develop their diving skills. This course will focus on 5 Specialities, including navigation and deep diving (to 100' depth).
Rescue Diver
This courses teaches the diver the proper techniques to use in the event of an emergency. It emphasizes personal safety and how to lend help to divers in trouble. A 2-day course with rescue exercises.
Emergency 1st Responder
This is course is a prerequisite for Rescue Diver and teaches CPR, Basic First Aid and the use of AEDs. It must be renewed every 2yrs.
This is the first leadership level of training offered by PADI. It teaches a candidate how to safely and effectively supervise various diving activities. It prepares a diver for Instructor Development Course.
CALL GERRY - 585-303-4593


Course Cost Description
Deep Diver
This is an introductory course teaching the skills, knowledge and techniques for deep diving. 3-days, 4-dives.
Wreck Diver
This courses teaches safe techniques and necessary precuations for wreck diving. It consists of 4-dives on wrecks like the Coast Guard Cutters Bibb and Duane and the Spiegel Grove.
Multi-Level Diver
This course will teach the extensive use of the dive wheel as well as newer dive computers to maximize your botttom time.
Underwater Photo-Video
This classes will teach the principles of underwater photography and videography. It will explain the different physics and optics involved with underwater shoots as opposed to surface photography.
Enriched Air/Nitrox Diver

This course teaches the safe use of different nitrogen/oxygen mixtures to extend bottom time. Diver must be at least 15 years old.
*Cost is only $150. when Nitrox is combined with another course.

Master Scuba Diver
This course willl give you the highest sport diver certification through 5 speciality courses. It's a 4-day course with 7-dives. Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver are prerequisites.
CALL GERRY - 585-303-4593

Adventures in Diving courses will focus on 5 different specialties. Possible topics (chosen by the class with the approval of the instructor) include:

* Required topic for Advanced Open Water.

Scuba Diving Party.
Reserve the pool for your own private 1-hour Scuba party - $250 (6 divers) plus $35 per additional diver.

Perfect for 6 to 10 divers for birthday parties or other special occasions. Available pool times are limited. Please contact Gerry and make your arrangements well in advance of the anticipated date. Food may be arranged at the Webster Aquatic Center with an additional charge for the conference room.

Seal Team (designed for kids 8 thru 10).
Program for kids to get aquainted with Scuba -



Kids learn while having fun in the pool.

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